Solar power project overview: Silver consumption is the top concern of solar cell manufacturers. Silver used on silicon cells accounts for 17% of global demand and represents 10% of the total module cost. The solar industry currently spends >$5 Bn/yr purchasing silver metallization pastes. Solar production is expected to rise 3-10x over the next 10 years and may be unsustainable without significant silver reduction. Furthermore, next generation solar cells use 50%-150% more silver than conventional (PERC) cells preventing higher efficiency modules from entering the market. We have created novel foils that are used in the “Aluminio” process to replace silver lines in next generation cells, which would enable cell makers to mass produce them.

Why Aluminio? There are few opportunities to get involved early in a clean tech company that is well funded, can quickly make a meaningful impact, has a strong value proposition and well-established customer relationships. We are hiring researchers who will help build fully functional prototypes and test with customers in 2024. What we are trying to do is audacious and hard, but it is the cheapest and most scalable solution to vitally important problems. We need help to make this technology successful, but if we make it work with our customers then we will have strong margins in a high-volume business that will meaningfully impact climate change.

What you’ll be doing: We are looking for a collaborative, goal-oriented engineer with experience integrating and automating hardware at the R&D and production scale. We are currently developing several research-scale tools and processes for quickly designing, producing, and testing our prototypes. Our core technology is quickly maturing, and we are rapidly outgrowing our manually operated, low-throughput tools. We are building tools that can metallize full solar cells in a short period of time. This scaled up tool will be taken to China for customer testing in 2024. You will work on developing tools for automated wafer handling, precise micron-scale positioning of delicate components with machine vision, handling mandrels with hundreds of meters of foil material, and automated laser processing. New automation and integration challenges will inevitably arise as we continue iterating on our core technology and translating it from the lab to the factory.

Skills We Value:

* Awarded a BS/MS/PhD in Engineering or Science field

* Desire to hack, build, and troubleshoot physical prototypes for quick feedback loops and testing

* Experience with integrating and programming custom and off-the-shelf hardware, process automation, and machine vision

* Strong programming ability including experience with hardware integration

* Independent thinker and strong communicator


* At least two years of industrial experience building and automating equipment

* Experience with tools with sub-30um precision movement

* Experience automating foil handling and coating systems (roll-to-roll, web drives, sputter tools etc.)

* Experience designing and operating optical/laser setups

* Experience with high throughput tools

* Desire to travel abroad and work for a week at a time

* Mandarin speaker

Perks & Benefits

* Competitive cash and stock that is commensurate with experience.

* Medical Insurance

* Can sponsor H1B Visas